Friends and Resources

Eliza and Friends at Microsoft Store
in Scottsdale, Arizona  at a Book Preview  

  • Dr. Caron Goode -http://academyfor
     Co-author of Raising Intuitive Children by Dr. Caron Goode and Tara Peterson

  • Ann Buckley Reed OTR/L Yoga for Children

  • Linda West- Healer and Intuitive

  • Sophia Cayer EFT Instructor

  • Aroma therapy products -

  • Sensory Shoppe- Sensory equipment-

  • Lea Habin -Speaker on Business Promotion

  • Steven Halpern- Music for

  • Catherine Crawford MFT, ATR-author of The Highly Intuitive Child-

  • Jennifer Crews - Intuitive consultant with Children and radio host.

  • A site about a Pablo,young child's psychic journey and discoveries

  • Janies and Michael Boardway with free telconference series on related topics as ITFK -

  • Temple Hayes Ministries -International motivational speaker, shamanic practicioner, author, and radio/tv host -

  • Windbridge Institute for Applied Research in Human Potential Program- Eliza is one of the Certified Research Medium with this valuable organization.

  • Forever Family Foundation- Eliza is one of the Certified Mediums

  • Sara Waterman Photography-

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